About us


Hello,  I guess this is the part where I bore you with my bio.  My name is Piotr and I was born in Poland.  I came to this wonderful country, the United States, back in 1984.  I guess you could say that was my first trip…. one way, as I was here to stay.  I did not really start travelling until my 20’s when I started driving semi-trucks for a living.  That was all work and no fun, but I still got to see a lot of the USA and Canada.

Well, it wasn’t enough.  Seeing all the states from the Interstate was great, but not good enough, at which point I decided to buy a motorcycle and ride it all.  I rode from humid Miami, Florida to snowy Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (300 miles north of the Arctic Circle). And from sunny San Diego, California to breezy Bangor, Main.  At this point in my life I realized I want to see it all.  I started easy with Central America and all of the Caribbean Islands, then moved on to South America and a little of Europe.

Than there was a period where my travels died off for a while.  Work and personal issues got in the way and such.  It took the love of my life to change it all and get that spark back.  Kat is just as passionate about travels as I am and for the last few years we are going strong in our commitment to see the world and inspire others.  With almost 50 countries behind, I realize that there is a long and beautiful road ahead of us, full of many more adventures and experiences.

Thank You, Piotr



Hi, I’m Kat.  I’m just your average girl, born and raised in a tiny town, middle of nowhere, USA.  And that’s where we’ll start.

I grew up in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, about an hour drive west of Aspen.  We were not wealthy, but my parents still gave us everything and even managed to scrimp and save enough money together to drive us out to California about once a year for vacation.  I absolutely loved it.  The drive itself took about 2 days, and aside from the occasional whining coming from the backseat (are we there yet?), I remember it with complete fondness,  I loved seeing all the new places; the deserts, the different mountain ranges, unusual trees, and of course the ocean.  Although I was fortunate enough to see it just about every year, I wanted more.  And then it happened.

It was the beginning of the 1984 school year.  I was in 2nd grade and we were having show and tell.  One of the boys in my class brought family photos of their summer vacation.  He had photos of the Great Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben, to name a few.  I was captivated.  I dreamt that one day I, too, would be able to see those places.

Then, as it tends to do, life happened.  I raised 2 beautiful kids and got busy with other things.  I let my dreams of seeing the world slip away, as I thought they were simply out of reach.  Turns out, they weren’t!

As soon as I met Piotr, we both realized our dreams of seeing the world together and decided it was time to make them a priority.  After all, we never know how much time we have left to make it happen.  In closing, my hope is that our travel blog will inspire you the same way those photos inspired me, a little girl from a tiny town, middle of nowhere, USA.