Ginger and Fred, International Food Festival and Ice Pub  makes for one hell of a day in  Prague Czechia. Besides Ginger and Fred it was all accidental fun. It all happened because we were just strolling around the streets making our way slowly to the famous dancing building of Ginger and Fred.

Ginger and Fred

Ginger and Fred

It took us awhile to get there. It turned out to be a considerable distance from Charles bridge. We did not care since that was our day for just wondering around and see what we see. I believe it was three bridges down the road when we did run into Ginger and Fred.  Sidewalks and streets were busy that morning.  It just so happened that it was a weekend and tourists were out in force.

The building itself has some fancy shopping and a fancy restaurant inside. However if you’re just curious tourist like us you can make your way all the way to the top where there is a tiny bar on the rooftop. The elevator seems to be very busy and can be crowded at times but if you’re patient you can make it up there just to have a celebratory drink.  We have made it to the top and had our beer and wine, took a couple of photos and looked around from the top. The views are fabulous.

As we came down we were wondering what are we going to do next since it was a wing It day and we had no solid plans. We have noticed that from the street level you can walk down the stairs to the river and enjoy a nice walk by the water.

It turns out that the downstairs right by the river is where the things are happening on the weekends. There were a bunch of bars and boats and bigger Yachts turned into restaurants and bars…, I mean this place was hopping. Excited about our discovery opening potential new possibilities for fun off we went farther and farther. There were lots of tents set up with food drinks and souvenirs.

International Food Festival

We have noticed across the river that they had some kind of a concert or something happening since there were pyrotechnic flames shooting up in the air accompanied by a loud music.

Obviously we were both like let’s do it and see what’s happening there so we crossed a little dinky rusted Bridge and before you knew it we found ourselves at a front entrance to an International Food Festival and a hot jalapeño eating contest.

After we paid our entrance fee is when we found out that it’s International Food Festival. Since they had a jalapeno contest and a big screens showing all the sweating contestants we thought it was just hot foods but it turned out that it was International Food Fest.  Every hotter pepper level begun with cannons shooting flames and appropriate music like Thunder Struck or Hot Stuff for example.

Somehow again we got lucky running into a cool stuff just by wandering around. We were happy to be eating Belgian waffles again, German schnitzel  and other delicious International treats not to mention beer and fun. Beer was cold, food was delicious,  people were great and music was loud and we had such a good time. After a couple of hours of food Haven and aching tummy  from being overstuffed  we have decided it was time for us to leave and find something new to do that did not involved food.

Ice Pub

After about a 20-minute walk through parks and little streets we felt that it was about that time to look for some public restrooms better known in Europe as water closets. A lot of businesses in Europe allow you the use their restrooms with a nominal fee of $0.50. Usually it will be a well-marked public restrooms with someone sitting up front to collect the money or a restaurant or a bar. And even though they are not free they are great because the attendant there makes sure that the public restrooms are spotless.

So as we have seen a sign for restrooms downstairs we walked in and paid the lady a dollar for both of us. As we both walked out of our separate restrooms we realized that we were in an underground Club. I have noticed that there was an oxygen bar unfortunately it happened to be closed. I guess on the way to the ladies room Kat saw an entrance to the ice Pub.

We have always heard about those and even planned on staying in an ice hotel someday. We both very quickly realized that this is probably our best chance to go and enjoy some frozen drinks in a frozen place. Besides there was nothing else we had planned for this day.

Since outside it’s about 85 degrees and the summer in full swing nobody comes here prepared. Before you enter this place the staff that works here will supply you with thermal poncho and set of gloves since even the drinking glasses are made out of frozen ice.

Inside the music was blasting and a large group of Australians was already enjoying the party. This is not the place where you drink beer. This has flaming drinks or high percentage alcohol written all over its face. When you first walk in it is great but believe me people after 20 minutes it’s starting to get really cold so you better be drinking vodka, whiskey or some good scotch. There was a large arm-chair made out of ice and a couple of tables with some bar stools but all made out of ice. At least the armchair had some animal skins on it so it be easier to sit. It’s kind of novelty so it is not a kind of bar where you sit for hours. Pretty much you get in,  get couple drinks,  you get out. However we were glad we got a chance to do it and get a new experience under our belt.

Ice Hotel well that’s in the future and I’m sure it’s going to be a fun story. The moral of this story here is to wonder around. That’s what we do and that is how we run into stuff that normally as a tourist going by the book we’d never get to experience.

It was another fantastic day so I do not know what are you waiting for people, pack your bags and go have fun.