Sedlec Ossuary in Kutná Hora Czechia is the proper name for this bone marvel.  Getting to it is very easy if you happen to be in Prague. It is about a 45-minute ride via train.

It is a small town  so when you get there just  follow everyone up the hill via one track and you cannot miss it . The chapel itself is small however it does contain bones of between 40,000 to 70,000 individuals.

From the outside the chapel looks very inconspicuous and it is surrounded by a small Cemetery. When we first got there we walked around the cemetery just to get the feel of this place. One thing I have noticed is that Just about every single last name ended with OVA. The cemetery was nice but nothing spectacular. We have come here because Kitty Kat always wanted to see this chapel.  And to tell you the truth it is the most visited site in Czech Republic with approximately 200,000 visitors per year.

There was a small entrance fee and I do not remember how much however it was very cheap as a lot of things in Czech Republic are rather low-cost  especially to tourist. Even though Czech Republic is part of a European Union they still operate their own currency and have not converted to Euros. When you first enter you will see some wall decorations on the sides. Once you walk down the stairs you will notice that the four corners of the chapel are basically large Columns of stacked bones. perhaps I should not call them columns more like mounds of Bones. In the center above your head you will notice a beautiful chandelier made out of Bones which includes every single bone in the human body.

This work happens to be a masterpiece of Frantisek Rint who was a wood-carver employed by Schwartzenberg  family to put the bones in order back in early 1800s. It would seem that he went the extra mile putting the bones in order.  And yes people it was Schwartzenberg not Schwarzenegger.  Inside on the left side fronting the mound of Bones is Schwartzenberg coat of arms Shield made out of Bones. The best part of that arrangement is the bird made out of Bones pecking at the eyeballs of a skull  in the bottom right corner.

Despite all the bones it is still a working Chapel and the most frequent question asked over here is can people get married here and the answer is no. Upstairs there is just a small Chapel and a viewing area that shows a small film presentation about restoration of this site in progress. Besides really old cool small Church organ there really isn’t much to see up there.

Kutná Hora  it’s a very nice small town definitely worth a day visit. There is plenty to see besides the bone Church. There is also a baroque style Cathedral of Assumption and Museum of silver mining.

If you do find yourself in Prague do take the time to take this trip to Kutná Hora it is definitely worth it.

  • Piotr