• It was cold and dark when we left our room in Prague making our way to the Central Station so we could catch a train going to Dresden Germany. As we walked into the Central Station all we had to do was look up which platform our train was leaving since we bought our tickets a few days prior.
On the way to City Square

Our train has arrived on platform 7 and as we boarded and took our seats we were anxious to get started on our journey to Germany. I have been to Germany twice before however this time I was looking forward of seeing Zwinger Palace grounds. I have never been to Dresden and from what we have seen on the pictures it looked like a quite beautiful little town. Not to mention we were anxious to catch any Oktoberfest action that we possibly could.

We were aware that tickets to the big tents were sold out months ago however after all it is Germany you will still catch a beer fest somewhere and it turned out we were not disappointed as we did ended up running into a beer garden.

When the train started rolling through the beautiful countryside of Bohemia before it crosses border into Germany we have decided to go into the dining cart and eat breakfast while we enjoyed  the view. Well that turned out to be an excellent idea since breakfast was great and the views were amazing. Not to mention a great way to pass the  time while waiting for the arrival at your destination.

Upon arrival in Dresden we have walked out of a Central Station with all excitement knowing that this will be an excellent day. We were aware that it was going to be a little bit of a gray day since there was a slim chance of a rain showers in the forecast. However that was not predicted until later part of a day. In any case we had our umbrellas with us.‌

When I was a kid my father lived in Germany for a few months and when he came back he told me one thing about Germans. They are very clean, very tidy and very organized. And you could see that right off the bat as soon as we got out of Central Station and started walking towards the center of town.

It was not long when we noticed that the buildings we’re starting to turn from modern

City Square bit early and not open yet

style  blocks to architecturally interesting oldies. Dresden is not a big town and it pretty much narrow and stretched you cannot get lost. We have started seeing little coffee shops and restaurants. Usually it is a common sight that surrounds the Old City  Squares.

Well surprise surprise we have entered the square and the first thing we see is a beer garden and a setup like a Christmas Market. The market was actually set up with association for a fall festivities and the Beer Fest. After taking initial first couple pictures and promising Kitty that I will remember how to get back to this place we have ventured off into exploring more of the city.

Beautiful Dresden

Just a little way Northeast of the city square we run into the Zwinger Palace grounds. As usual we are one of the first people there for the day which is great because it gives us a better picture opportunities without crowds. Zwinger Palace  was built next to that Dresden Castle back in very early 1700. It was designed to be kind of a Fairground Park.

Right now it is a home to a museum of very fine porcelain and historical scientific instruments. The park and the fountains are surrounded by a building with multiple baroque style facades and figurines. Kat and I have noticed that the smaller ones up top we’re more of angelic kind and the ones closer to the ground had more of a Sinister Style.

Ruling class history on the wall

After about an hour walking the grounds and the surrounding area we have decided to move on and take a look at the other squares and the Dresden Castle itself. One of the streets leading to the Dresden castle has  this beautiful mural that is stretched on a side of a wall for at least 300 ft. It was a depiction of the rulers throughout the time. It is hard to describe how large magnificent and beautiful it was.

Since we have decided it was definitely past time for our second breakfast or pre lunch meal it was time to find our way back to the Beer Garden for some local food and drink. Local food and drink of just about anywhere we go now has become one of the main parts of our travels experience. We enjoy immensely testing out other cultures and their foods. Even Kitty since it was Germany and Beerfest time has decided to  forgo wine in place of beer.

German food so good

When we got back to the square the place was already hopping and all the booths were open and in a full swing. It truly was a food travelers delight. The booths were packed with any kind of bratwurst  or white sausage or schnitzel that you could possibly want. At least 15 different sauerkraut or cabbage dishes. Sandwiches, burgers, fried potatoes or wedges. There were sweets of all sorts and than there was beer. Not just any kind of a Coors Light pee pee but a good German beer. Ahhh thus was a beautiful day. Picturesque town, excellent food and good beer. We ate so much that day that we had a hard time getting back to the train.

Everything about that day was phenomenal. So I urge you to get out there and experience it for yourself cuz the world is a beautiful place. And what you get out of it no one can ever take it away.