Prague smells like Disneyland, well at least according to kitty Kat. And I have to say I think she was onto something. We just got back from Prague. It was a fabulous trip. Plenty of food, plenty of beer and plenty of sites to see.

just waiting to board a plane

We have flown Delta Airlines from LAX to JFK New York and then from JFK to Prague. Delta offers a pretty good service overall but the long journey made us tired. After all it was a long flight to JFK and another long flight to Prague. However as usual as soon as we touch down we seem to be rejuvenated by the fact that we are somewhere new to explore. Following our knowledge acquired through research we knew that there is an Express Bus outside of airport that will take us right downtown to an old Prague.

When we got to the bus stop right outside in front of the airport there was a bus leaving full of people so we had to wait for the next one. It turned out that it was in our favor since the first bus was pretty packed and the second one came 10 minutes later and it was pretty empty. About 20 minute ride we have arrived at a Central Station. Bus will drop you off at a street level and in order to catch a train or a metro you need to make your way down under.

Our room was very spacious

Since it was only noon there we knew we had a plenty of time to figure out the Metro, go to a hotel drop off luggage, refresh and still have plenty of time to go exploring the first day. With our experience in traveling Europe and dealing with metros we knew that this will be pretty easy task. However for some reason and maybe perhaps due to a construction it was a bit confusing. One of the main stations that is used for transfer from line A to line B was under construction and it will be till the mid 2018.

We found a machine to purchase our tickets and the best we could get was a 72 hours pass. In some countries they have tickets where you can buy for a whole week however there was no option like that in Prague. Well we got our tickets found our Metro and made it to a hotel. Kat  figure it out how to get from Metro to our hotel so we didn’t even get to wonder the streets like the lost tourists do.

Upon inspection of the room and our approval we refreshed with quick showers and got ready to go out and explore the town.

One of the strange statues at Wenceslas Square

With every town we have ever explored we have a history of tracking anywhere between 12 to 19 miles a day on foot. Since we knew that on the way to Old Town Square we will be passing  through Wenceslas Square and it just so happens it was Saint Wenceslas Day the square would  be packed with people and vendors. Also known as a Czech statehood day it is a national holiday. Patron of the city died back in 935 as a young Christian King who made peace with Germany and united Bohemia.

Ten minutes in and we were at Wenceslas Square. As we expected it was full of people. The first thing that caught  my eyes were some weird sculptures in the middle of the alley. Now I call it weird because it’s not my kind of art. However it was amusing enough to take couple photos.

As we were looking around we saw stage setup for what we later encountered was being used by choir. I am not sure what they were singing but I imagined was some national songs and hymns.

More of strange art on Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square it’s not square at all in fact it is a very wide Street mainly used by pedestrians with a median that has flowers trees and statues.

At the other end of Wenceslas Square we encountered something that at a first glance looked like a Christmas Market set up. However it was a market setup not for Christmas but for the national holiday. Regardless of that we were still very happy to see that all the little booths had food and little souvenirs. That is also the first time that Kat said it smells like Disneyland.

Kat in Old Town Square

And just two more blocks and we ended up at the Old Town Square. As we looked around there were people everywhere. That square never seemed empty. Just about any time we went there it was always super busy. On one end of the square there were more booths set up and I saw one with a wonderful sign that said Langos. Langos is a Hungarian food. We first encountered at a Christmas Market in Austria Vienna. From that moment on langos has made unto our Top Foods list. We even found a Romanian store in Anaheim that makes them on Saturdays.

Garlic Langos… short….heaven

As we walked streets around the Old Town Square and towards Charles bridge you can’t help but get mesmerised with all the aromas in the air. Between all the chocolates, chimney cakes, plackeys, langos and other delicious surprises surrounded by colorful magical buildings overrun by tourists it really did feel like you are Downtown Disneyland except that all the buildings were real.

I will write post‏s about Prague and the surrounding area at a later date but I guess for now I just wanted to relay our first reaction of Prague.

As usual your comments are welcome. Input on how I can improve future post would be greatly appreciated too.

For now have a great week. Pack your bags and get out there and don’t forget to support your local Brewery.