thetypicaltourists at Wat Pho in BangkokWelcome! We are Pete and Kat, just a couple of regular people trying to lead not so regular lives. Having met in 2008, we quickly discovered we both had a passion for life that could not be fulfilled in just 1 place. We didn’t want to waste one more second putting our dreams on hold. So we made it our top priority. Our goal is to see as many countries and experience as many cultures as we possibly can. And so far, it’s been INCREDIBLE! Much of our time is spent telling family and friends about ourĀ  travels and how they can do the same. We’ve started this blog hoping to give not only them, but also others, the inspiration to follow their dreams as well. We invite you to follow us throughout our journeys as we see the typical sites and sometimes make the typical mistakes. In other words, we are ‘the Typical Tourists’. Welcome to our adventures.


thetypicaltourists at La Mitad del Mundo in Quito, Ecuador

thetypicaltourists at Tower Bridge in London, England

thetypicaltourists at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

thetypicaltourists at Belem Tower in Lisbon, Portugal